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Shots - Lil Tecca Ringetoner Lyrics:

Yeah, ooh, I got hella niggas with the shits
Nigga run up on me, all my niggas 'bout to shoot
Talking on the 'Gram, catch a deuce
We can get in tune, nigga, what you wanna do?
Nigga, you ain't even have a clue
'Cause I got shottas on me
Sending shots, sending shots, the doctor on me
Better run, better run, the 'copters on me, yeah

Yeah, I know, yeah, I know
Got bad bitches come wherever I go
Married to the money, I can't cheat with no ho
Nigga run up on me, guarantee we gon' blow
I ain't helping nobody, if you ask me, it's a no
If I tell you that I love you, better keep it on the low
I got places that I'm really tryna go
So if you're down for the ride, let me know
Hollow chase a nigga, never chase opps
I'm committed to money, I never chase thots
And I'm attracted to guala so I'ma chase guap
Yeah, I'm attracted to guala so I'ma chase guap

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